About Beekeeper Bam

My beekeeping started in 2007. I tracked a wild hive to a tree and wanted to take down the tree and get the honey. I was told by the landowner that I could take the tree down if I saved the bees. It was fall and an old timer convinced me to wait for spring. He convinced me to get equipment for two of my own hives. Two, because it’s best to have a couple for comparison.

Well, the bees in the tree died over the winter. I got the equipment and bought two packages of bees. I soon added 10 more packages and then 25! By the time I “retired” from my other work, we had 50 times the bees we started with, and beekeeping became my hobby and now it’s a profession. In 2018 I started sourcing bees in Georgia and travel there personally to bring back bees for our farm and our New Hampshire customers. These bees have a great survival rate, are gentle and good honey producers.

We proudly sell healthy nucleus colonies and bee packages as well as bee products like honey, beeswax and candles.

Why Oak & Stone Apiaries?

  • Locally owned and operated
  • Family farming tradition
  • Reliable and healthy Russian bees

A Love of Bees and a Passion for Beekeeping

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