Beekeeper Services

At Oak & Stone Apiaries, we offer beekeeping services that support both novice and experienced beekeepers. Our expertise includes hive management, where we apply our ingrained family farming wisdom to maintain healthy and productive bee colonies. For those facing unexpected bee swarms, our swift and efficient swarm catching service is available. Additionally, we provide careful and precise hive removal services, ensuring a seamless and safe process. Each of these services is grounded in our deep commitment to respectful and sustainable practices.

We can help you with...

Hive management

Oak & Stone Apiaries expertly tends to bee colonies, applying generations of family farming wisdom for optimal hive health and productivity.

Swarm catching

Proficient in prompt swarm catching, leveraging generations of family farming knowledge for the safe and efficient relocation of bee swarms.

Hive removal

With precision and care, our hive removal service ensures a seamless process, drawing on generations of family farming expertise.